Boho or Bohemian Which one is for you? Blog Post - Bold Bohemian

Bold Bohemian or Modern Boho Which one's for you?

How you can create a Bold Bohemian feel at home. - Part 1

Are you ready to transform your living space into a modern Boho oasis but not sure where to start? Hello and welcome to our part 1 of our first blog post where will be discussing how to style your home in a modern Boho style, focusing on both neutral and bold colours schemes. Boho and Bohemian, is it the same thing? Traditionally Bohemian design was characterised by its Vibrant, bold  and colourful worldly aesthetic, Whereis the more modern approach to Boho style these days plays on a new take, emphasising muted neutrals and earth tones. In this article we will be providing practical tips and ideas for implementing these styles in your home.

Bold Bohemian

Bold Bohemian Bedroom style with deep green feature wall and cane bedhead.

Now let's start today by diving into the world of the bold Bohemian style and how to achieve it. If you want to infuse rich and bold tones into your home you can create a vibrant and energetic spaces. Start by selecting a bold and colourful base for your walls or large furniture pieces. Deep, jewel-toned colours like emerald green, deep purples, or mustard yellow can be great choices.

Incorporate a variety of patterns and textures to add depth and vibrancy to the space. Mix bold prints like, paisley, and tribal patterns on throw pillows, rugs, and curtains. Integrate textures through fabrics like velvet, silk, or shaggy rugs. Combine modern and vintage furniture pieces with rich colours. Look for unique, colourful  and eclectic furniture items or reupholster existing pieces with bold, patterned fabrics. Incorporate pieces with intricate woodwork or detailing. Layering rugs with rich, bold colours can create a visually dynamic and cozy atmosphere. Place colourful rugs on top of one another for an eye-catching effect.

One of the best tips i’ve learnt over the years to create spaces that look visually appealing is when things look like they may clash or are too much, to add something plain / blank next to or on top of etc. This gives your eyes something to rest on next to a busy design or pattern and calms the space down. Since mixing patterns and prints is a key element of both Bohemian and Boho design this is a fantastic tip for achieving the right balance and making all these elements work together.


you're doing a gallery collection of stacked art prints using bright rich colours, if three of the prints you want to display look a little over done, place something plain next to it using one of the colours in the print to tie it all together. You could use a simple plain plant pot  in one of the print colours, a stack of plain books or even one block colour framed print to add to the stack. (If this is still too bright!, you don’t want it to look like a clown's house!) White, Charcoal or black in small amounts can also work.

Incorporate boho decor elements like macrame wall hangings, colourful lanterns, and decorative pillows with bold patterns. These elements can serve as focal points in the room. Add indoor plants and greenery in colourful pots to complement the bold colour scheme and provide a touch of nature. Plants can provide a refreshing contrast to the vibrant tones.

Hang colourful and bold artwork, framed posters, or tapestries that resonate with the overall colour scheme. These kinds of wall decor pieces can inject personality and character into your space. I’m loving the pink, orange and white colour combo at the moment. Another popular one is purple and emerald green, or if your wanting to experiment with your own unique palette try using a colour wheel and pick complementary colours (opposite ends of the colour wheel) to use as your main palette to design your room around (don’t forget to anchor these bold tones with some neutral thrown in somewhere to ensure your mix is visually appealing!)

Choose colourful, unique or ornate lighting fixtures, such as Moroccan-style pendants or boho-inspired chandeliers, to enhance the bold aesthetic. Infuse your personality into the design with personal touches, such as travel souvenirs or handmade decor items that incorporate bold tones.

While you're working with rich, bold colours, ensure that there is a balance and cohesion in your design. Mix both warm and cool tones to create a harmonious look. Minimise Clutter! Keep the space clutter-free to ensure eyes are on your daring design choices. Rich colours look great but can easily tip the other way and become overpowering if there is too many things to distract. Not everything needs to be on display!, Keep organised and don’t neglect clever storage options. By embracing rich and bold colours, you can create a lively and inviting traditional Bohemian space that radiates energy and personality. Just remember to maintain a sense of balance and harmony throughout the design to avoid overwhelming the space. 

If you prefer a more modern Boho style with a neutral colour palette, you can certainly achieve that look. Neutral boho decor can be just as beautiful and stylish! keep your eyes peeled for Part 2 where we discuss "Whites" more in depth and how to make the decor choices around designing your perfect spaces!

Pink and orange selection of Boho gallery wall prints.
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