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Boho Tablecloth

Boho Tablecloth

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Not available in stores! Shop now to purchase our embroidered Boho Tablecloth Protect your tables! Featuring subtle Daisy pattern throughout and light coloured tassels around the edges. 

A masterpiece that effortlessly merges bohemian spirit with timeless elegance. Crafted to capture the essence of free-spirited charm, this tablecloth is a must-have for those who seek to infuse their dining area with an air of casual yet captivating allure.

Made from premium, high-quality cotton, your Boho Tablecloth is designed to withstand the test of time. The delicate embroidery adds a touch of artistry, while the soft and durable cotton material ensures easy maintenance and longevity for years to come.

Whether you're hosting a boho-themed brunch, a relaxed dinner with friends, or simply wish to add a touch of dainty elegance, your Boho Cotton Embroidered Tablecloth effortlessly adapts to any setting. Let your creativity run wild as you transform your dining space into a sanctuary of bohemian charm.

Celebrate life's moments with a burst of boho flair PERFECT for pretty picnics or during festivals and special occasions, layer your tablecloth with colourful textiles, cushions, and lanterns for a festive and inviting space.


  • Neutral toned 100% Cotton tablecloth 
  • Embroidered Daisies with yellow centre 
  • Tassel edged fringing


 110cm x 170cm or Inches (43.3" x 66.9")

140cm x 140cm or inches (43.3" x 66.9")

 140cm x 180 cm or Inches (55.1" x 70.8")

140cm x 200cm or Inches (55.1"x78.7")

140cm x 220cm or Inches (55.1" x 88.6")

140cm x 300cm or Inches (55.1" x 118.1")

140cm x 240cm or Inches (55.1" x 94.1") 

Please Note: Due to different monitors, the actual colours may vary slightly from the colours shown, this is not a fault.

Please allow 1-2 cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement. We do not edit the colours in our photos.


  • Hand wash is best to protect the delicate nature of tassels:
  • If you must however, can be Machine washed in low to cold water on a gentle cycle, use a washing bag to be extra safe. 
  • No bleaching:
  • lay flat to dry:

Packaging and Delivery

Your Boho Tablecloth will be packed safely to ensure it arrives to you in great condition.

Due to folding that's required for shipping purposes, if tablecloth arrives to you with a few creases don’t stress! after opening out and laying flat over table for a few weeks the creases will smooth out however if you're impatient and don’t want to wait they can be removed by ironing at low temperature, (preferably from the back)

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FREE SHIPPING! Note: Due to high demand, please allow 2-4 Weeks for delivery.

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