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Glass Straws

Glass Straws

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Not available in stores! Shop now to purchase your 4 pack of our glass straws! Upgrade your sipping experience with our premium straws! Say goodbye to single use plastic and hello to sustainability, once sip at a time. Our durable eco-friendly straws are not only good for the environment but also elevate your drinking experience with their sleek design and smooth texture. Join the movement towards a Greener future and enjoy your favourite beverages in style, Make the switch today!

Discover the perfect blend of style and sustainability and Crafted from high-quality materials, Whether you're indulging in a refreshing smoothie / chilled cocktail or a piping hot beverage, they are a versatile solution for your drinking needs, plus the transparent design has a touch of elegance to any drink, making every sip a delightful experience. Make a conscious choice for the planet and elevate your drinking game with our reusable glass straws and join the movement.

In the World we use over 1200 million plastic straws DAILY. Plastic is not biodegradable, meaning every plastic straw used since they were invented in 1938 is still around in some form, leaching toxic chemicals into the water and soil. The good news is that just one person switching to the Glass Straw can keep about 38,000 nasty plastic straws out of the environment forever!

The straws are suitable for smoothies, beverages, coffee, lemonades, shakes, milk tea, cocktails, hot chocolate, juices, wine and other liquids.


Here’s a few reasons why you should make them a part of your home:

Heat resistant

  • Making them perfect for hot beverages as-well as cocktails 

Reusable & Washable

  • Can be used multiple times meaning they are a cost-effective option for the consumer.

Eco Friendly

  • Make a conscious choice for the planet and do your part to reduce landfill

Bulk Pack

  • Bulk 4 Pack insures enough for the whole family, a small gathering or enough for personal use



  • Comes complete with a micro specialised cleaning brush to get into all those hard to reach places for efficient cleaning
  • Safe and suitable alternative to plastic


Your glass Straws are made of food-grade high borosilicate heat-resistant glass. Lead-free, non-toxic, no metal aftertaste, plastic free, BPA free, healthy and environmentally friendly


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Wash with care
  • Safe for use in hot and cold 
  • Shake off moisture after use
  • Do not use in cold drink and then straight into a hot drink and vice versa


  • Bulk pack 4
  • Reusable
  • Eco Friendly
  • Made from Borosilicate Glass
  • Package includes pack glass straws + 1pc cleaning brush


Straight Straw

  • 20cm or 7.87 Inch

Bent Straw 

  • 15cm / 5.9 Inch (straight part) Curved top is a further 4.5cms /1.77inch
  • Diameter of inside straw is 0.8cm or 0.31 Inches



These glass drinking straws are very durable but are to be used like any drinking glass- with caution. Although not intended for children if used by children they should be supervised by an adult at all times.

 Packaging and Delivery

Your pack of Glass straws will be packed with care to ensure it arrives to you in great condition.

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FREE SHIPPING! Note: Due to high demand, please allow 2-4 Weeks for delivery.(However you will usually receive your packages much quicker then this!)

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