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Musical Lights

Musical Lights

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Not available in stores! Shop now to purchase  your modern musical lights wall sconce for a a harmonious blend of illumination and artistry that will strike the perfect chord in your living space. Elevate your interior decor with this elegant and captivating piece that transcends mere lighting to become a true statement of your love for music and design.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Musical Note lamp captures the graceful curves and lines of musical notes, transforming your wall into a symphony of aesthetics. Emitting a soft, warm glow, this wall light creates a cozy ambience, perfect for unwinding after a long day or setting the mood for a relaxing evening.

Whether placed in your living room, bedroom, music room, or hallway, this piece effortlessly complements a range of interior styles, from modern to classic, minimalist to eclectic.

Impress your guests with a unique and captivating piece that reflects your passion for music and your appreciation for timeless design.


How to style

 Solo Act

  • Create a focal point by placing the musical note wall light on an unucluttered wall. Let it's exquisite design take center stage making it the star of your decor composition

Symphony of Lights

  •  Arrange a trio of these wall lights in a vertical line to mimic the flow of musical notes on a staff. This arrangement adds a touch of rhythm and harmony to your wall.

Contrast and Complement

  •  Place the wall light against darker backdrop to make its intricate details stand out, or opt for a lighter wall for a subtle yet elegant contrast.

Gallery Ensemble

  •  Surround your Musical Note Wall Light with an arrangement of musical instruments, vintage records, or music-themed artwork to create a cohesive and immersive musical haven.

Bedroom Serenade

  • Install the Musical Note Wall Light above your bed to add a touch of enchantment to your sleeping space. It's soft glow provides a soothing ambiance for a restful night's sleep.


  • 37cms Height x Width 14cm. Circular centre base is 10 cm
  • 14.5” Height x Width 5.5” Circular Base is 3.9”
  • White cool light
  • Yellow warm light


  • Aluminium design
  • 90-260 Volt
  • LED bulbs
  • Bulbs included
  • wall mounted for a clean cord - free, slimline look

Please Note: Due to different monitors, the actual colours may vary slightly from the colours shown in photos this is not a fault. We do not edit our photos.


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