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Plant Support

Plant Support

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Not available in stores! Shop now to purchase your Plant Support Clips. Are your beloved plants sprawling out everywhere, desperately seeking support? or do your hanging plants look messy and out of control? Look no further!

Our Innovative leaf shape Plant Support clips are here to revolutionise your indoor gardening experience. It's a goodbye to unruly vines and droopy stems, and hello to effortlessly chic plant displays.


Here’s a few reasons why you should make them a part of your home:

  •  Seamlessly blend into any indoor environment,customise a look that suits you, simply attach to the wall where ever you like, and off you go easily training your plant in whichever direction your heart desires.
  • Thanks to the discreet green leaf shape, you won't even notice them doing their job as they blend in to just look like another leaf! your friends will be amazed at how great they look.
  • Worried about complicated set up and messy installations? Fear not! our clips feature simple peel and stick design, allowing you to easily secure them to any smooth wall surface. Just peel off the adhesive backing, place the clip on your desired spot, and Voila! - instant support for your plants! 


How to use 

Prepare your surface:

Ensure that the wall surface is clean and dry before applying the Plant Support clips;

Attach adhesive to clip:

Attach adhesive backing by peeling one side of supplied adhesives, to stick to clip back they are pre-cut to the exact shape for you to make this easy and fuss free;

Choose your spot to position clip:

Gently peel off other side of adhesive now attached to support clip to reveal the sticky surface;

Secure the clip:

Press firmly onto the wall surface, insuring it is securely attached;

Open the clip:

Once the clip is securely in place gently open the front of clip, like a door by squeezing at the sides;

Insert your plant:

Carefully slip your plant into the opening and close the front until it clicks, it's that easy! 

Leaf shaped support clips make it easy to maintain beautifully organised and visually stunning house plant displays. Don't let your plants look unruly and grow out of control any longer.

Watch your indoor garden thrive like never before!


  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to use
  • No tools required
  • Almost invisible
  • Available in handy packs of 10 / 30 or 50 pieces
  • A simple solution to keep climbing plants from looking unruly.

     Please Note

    These clips are strong,  try to place them in a spot you do not expect to move, as no responsibility will be taken for any small amount of damage to paint etc that may/may not occur for failure in following instructions.

    If this creates doubt for you in whether to use, you may like to try these without attaching the adhesive on the back (The adhesive stick ons are supplied with clips when purchased.), and in its place a small piece of blue tack may be sufficient to hold in place making easier to move if this is a must, use how you wish at your own discretion.

    Packaging and delivery

    Your Plant Support Leaf Clips will be packed safely to ensure they arrive to you in great condition.

    LIMITED STOCK, Click the add to cart button now before they are sold out.

    FREE SHIPPING! Due to high demand, please allow 2-4 Weeks for delivery.

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