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Round Wall Decor

Round Wall Decor

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Not available in stores! Shop now To purchase this striking worldly collection of decorative wall baskets.

Transform your space into a Bohemian paradise with our eclectic collection of Boho baskets, perfect for creating a stunning round wall decor feature! Elevate your decor with a captivating display that adds warmth, texture, and personality to any room.

Each handcrafted basket in our collection tells a unique story, with patterns shapes and materials that bring a sense of wanderlust and cultural richness to your home.

Here’s a few reasons why you should make them a part of your home:

•  The intricate designs and vibrant colours instantly draw the eye to them in awe creating a focal point that commands attention.

• Six hand picked unique designs, with two collections to choose from, Each collection features a varying selection of two colour pallets choose from light subtle colours or more bold darker stand out patterns and designs.

• Pick and choose how to arrange them this DIY option takes the guess work out of what you will need to create a Boho Basket feature wall. Use all six of them on one wall or use some in one area and the remaining few in a seperate area. The option is yours!

 Wondering how to style them? Here are a few creative suggestions:

  • Aim to mix and match with the different sizes, shapes and designs of baskets supplied to create texture variation and visual interest.
  • To create a balanced arrangement lying baskets out on the floor before hanging them can help aim for a balanced arrangement by distributing baskets of different sizes and colours evenly across the wall.
  • If you would prefer to see them hung on the wall before committing to a hook, another way to do this is to trace the shape around each basket onto a piece of newspaper, cut around the shape and blue tack in place, move around until your happy with placement before hanging.
  • Arrange in a structured or scattered organic pattern. Experiment with overlapping or staggering the baskets for a dynamic look.

Accessorise with textiles by layering tapestries rugs or throw blankets to enhance the Bohemian vibe.

How to Hang

Baskets can be hung on the wall directly. you will need to first add a small hook or nail to your wall.


Simply slide this into the back of each individual basket to hold in place using integrated hanging loop


A small piece of fishing line threaded through the back of basket frame ( so it’s not visible when hung) and tied in a knot to create a loop can also be used to hang onto wall hook or nail if finding a place on basket itself proves tricky.

  • If you would prefer not to do this, a quick drop of hot glue on the back with a fishing line loop pushed into it is also quick easy option also for hanging. However most of the time just using a piece of wicker already that  is  there on back of basket is the easy enough option.

Feel free to contact us should you run into any difficulty, (We promise though its actually super easy!


  • Wicker
  • Seagrass
  • Rattan
  • Intricate textures
  • Vibrant patterns
  • choice of two sets , Each set of 6 sold separately.

Please Note: Due to the natural characteristics and handmade nature of these wall decor pieces as well as difference in monitors, the actual colours may vary slightly between batches and the colours shown this is not a fault.

Please allow 1-2 cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

Packaging and Delivery

Your basket collection will be packed safely to ensure it arrives to you in great condition. 

LIMITED STOCK. Click the add to cart button now before they are sold out.

FREE SHIPPING! Note: Due to high demand, please allow 2-4 Weeks for delivery.

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