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Vintage Chart

Vintage Chart

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Not available in stores Our beautifully illustrated record, Vintage chart is a quick easy way to decorate your home, and is the perfect way to add some style old world charm and character to your home. Not only do they look stunning on display they are Educational too!

Design Features 

Butterflies / Papillons

  • On each informative  vintage chart there are approximately 30 different species identifiable by their names listed under each image;


  • 21 individual species numbered and named listed at bottom of chart;


  • Over 18 varieties of crab species and also includes prawn and lobster also;

Vegetables / Legumes

  • Containing popular vegetables featuring over 66 well known varieties including Cabbage, Pumpkin, Carrot and root vegetables;


  •  Over 40 different colourful species including "Marlin" , "Angel fish", "Eels" and some of the dangerous ones you probably didn't know too!


  • Over 60 different Molluscs and shells including different starfish and the types of shell that contain "Pearl" as well as the more patterned and rarer collectibles;


  • Chart featuring "Rhinos", "Giraffes", "Kangaroos" and many more Giant mammals all labeled.


  • Over 50 intricately detailed flowers including well known favourites like "pansies" "Roses" and "Tiger Lillies" as well as many lesser known pretty varieties to learn from.


  •  90 different species of flying insects and bugs, including the "Praying Mantis" "Dragonfly" and Ornate colourful and fascinating beetles.


  • Individually numbered with names listed at bottom of chart. (These are not your average household beetles, you will be astounded at how many varieties are on show!)


  • "Horses", "Waterfowl" "Swan", "Ducks", "Pigs" and various farm animals;
Champignon / Mushroom
  • Over 70 different Mushroom and Champignon varieties including their scientific names.


  • Height 21cm x Width 29.7cm
  • Height x Width (8.3x11.8 inch)
  • Height 42cm x Width 29.7cm
  • Height x Width (16.5x11.8 inch)

Note: Due to different monitors, the actual colour of the item might be slightly different from the colour showed on the pictures.

Please allow 1-2 cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

Packaging and Delivery

To ensure your chosen print arrives to you safely, your decorative vintage chart will arrive to you rolled and packaged in a long cylindrical tube. You are purchasing the print ONLY without a border or frame. Your vintage style chart poster print will arrive to you ready for you to frame yourself, or if you prefer you can take to your local framer.

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